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Mexican Food Franchises Are Popular for a Reason

A Close Look At Why A Mexican Food Franchise is a Smart Investment

In most places across America today, it’s likely that you don’t have to go too far to find some delicious Mexican or Mexican-inspired food. Mexican food franchises are popping up in cities and towns all across the country, and there are plenty of reasons for this growth, and why you should consider opening your Mexican food franchise.

Let’s look at some of the top factors contributing to the rising popularity of Mexican food franchises.

Mexican Food is Wildly Popular in the United States

According to most studies related to ethnic food popularity, Mexican food is either the most popular style of international food, or a close second. Americans love Mexican food and are forecast to account for nearly 60% of the global growth in the Mexican food segment. In fact, it was found that 86% of Americans like Mexican food, and that Mexican food is the most popular type of ethnic food in 27 states.

Here are some additional facts about the popularity of Mexican food franchises:

• Mexican food is the 2nd most popular menu type

• Mexican food represents 8% of the national restaurant industry

• Mexican food franchises dominate the QSR market

Younger Generations Want Healthy and Unique Food Options

One of the hallmarks of a Mexican food franchise is the ability to offer a menu that contains healthier ingredients and creates variety through the use of spices, sauces, and salsas. The flexibility to mix ingredients in numerous combinations allows the creation of unique foods that enable diners to essentially try something new every time they order. Additionally, the variety of ingredients, spices and food options makes it easy to offer customizable menus that Millennials and Gen Z-ers are looking for, and since they account for nearly half of the U.S. population, it only makes sense to pay attention to the food they’re craving.

Mexican food franchises are popular with younger generations because they offer:

• Customizable, build-your-own menu options

• A variety of ingredients that enhance flavor

• Healthier, more sustainable food options

• Vegetarian and Vegan options

• A protein rich menu with meats or meat substitutes

• Fresh ingredients such as avocados, chiles, and other vegetables

A Mexican Food Franchise offers Convenient and Budget Friendly Experiences

Mexican food franchises were already notable for having cheap and tasty food before the COVID pandemic. One side effect of the pandemic era was the demand for convenience and budget-friendly dining, and that appears to be sticking around. Fewer people are choosing to dine-out at brick-and-mortar style establishments and prefer to do things a little differently. For the working class of today, convenience is king and QSR patrons are looking for a number of key factors when deciding where to eat. Some of those key factors are:

• Digital (contactless) ordering and payments

• Curbside pickup, delivery, or takeout

• Broad and varied menus that are relatively inexpensive

• Menus that meet the on-the-go lifestyle

Mexican Food Franchises are Successful, Adaptable, and Growing

With all of the great menu options, fresh ingredients, and unique experiences offered by a Mexican food franchise, it’s no wonder that they’re increasingly popular across the country. Combined with market adaptability and relative inexpensive nature of operations, Mexican food franchises have rebounded better than average restaurants following the COVID pandemic, and are in a stronger position to weather economic downturns. All of these things contribute to the growing market share for Mexican food franchises.

• The Mexican food sector in the U.S. grew from $63.46 billion in 2020 to around $76 billion in 2022

• The Mexican food sector is forecast to grow to around $79.4 billion in 2023

• More than half of Mexican restaurants have annual sales between $500,000 to $1 million

Did Someone Say a Mexican Food Franchise in a Food Truck?

Food trucks are all the rage these days as the on the go lifestyle combines with the demand for flexible menus, healthier eating, and social engagement trends of the younger generations. Food trucks are one of the fastest growing QSR concepts and are in high demand across all food segments, and they’re a relative start-up bargain when it comes to cost. A Mexican food franchise is perfectly suitable and adaptable to the food truck format, and a great way to reach a market segment that’s looking for inexpensive, delicious, portable food.

• The food truck industry is expected to grow 6.4% annually over the next 7 years

• Mexican food accounted for 34.6% of the market share in 2021

• Initial investment in food trucks is significantly lower than brick and mortar

Being Part of the Popular Crowd is a Good Thing


It’s pretty clear that Mexican food franchises are popular for a number of compelling reasons. Who can argue with affordable, tasty food, along with a variety of healthy options and fun, unique dining experiences? A Mexican food franchise has all the right ingredients in one place (or truck), and an Uberrito Fresh Mex franchise is the perfect model for success and growth in the Mexican food industry. If you’re ready to make the journey, reach out to us and let’s see about getting you into the Popular Crowd. Call us at 832-300.5846 or visit https://uberrito.com/franchise.

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