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Überrito Fresh Mex Launches Franchise Expansion Across the Country

With the support of Mexican Heritage Brands, Inc. our five-brand and 40-restaurant unit parent company, Überrito Fresh Mex (Überrito) announced today our push into franchise development. From the time we launched in 2014 in Houston, our brand has been engrained in the tradition of quality, variety, and experience. Today, that set of core values still determines our direction and has kept us on solid footing, even during the height of the pandemic.

“Almost everyone can relate to a freshly made burrito or taco because people are driven by an emotional connection to authentic Mexican food – it’s very strong and powerful,” said Pete Pascuzzi, CEO of MRI Heritage Brands, Inc. “We’ve remained true to who we are as a brand since day one, but as the restaurant industry evolves, we’re doing the same – both with our menu and now with our franchise offering. While Houstonians have known and loved us for many years, we’re excited to introduce our fresh-is-first Überrito approach to more cities and neighborhoods across the Lone Star State and the country.”

Founded nearly a decade ago in Houston, Überrito has grown since then and we’ve introduced new products along the way while refining our from-scratch cooking. In fact, we recently added beer, wine, and margaritas to our menu to meet the needs of our evolving customers. And quite frankly, that investment has paid off - 2021 sales trends are on track to hit $1.5 million.

Today, we’ve spread out to several locations across Houston and we’re looking to grow in other markets as well. Through the end of 2021, we’re targeting four to six new franchise agreements and several new openings across markets such as South and Central Texas, Colorado, North and Central Florida, and Georgia to name a few.

“That’s part of the magic of our growth potential – we’re very realistic about how fast we want to grow, and we are going to make sure we’re as much of a fit for our franchisees as they are for us,” said Pascuzzi. “Nearly 30 years of restaurant operations experience and proven success have allowed us to be very strategic about how and with whom we want to grow. Other brands don’t have that luxury.”

Backed by our strong culture and a management team determined to knit together a new story that depends less on old stereotypes and antiquated business models and more on a new golden era of fast casual success that showcases restaurant profitability and efficient operations, Überrito is looking for franchisees that can emulate those same values.

“At every level of the company, our people choose to stay in it. We have people in our headquarters running system-wide operations that began their careers years ago by working shifts in our kitchens. That has everything to do with the fact that Überrito is a great place to work and our people are happy – something this simple can have an enormous impact on your growth,” Pascuzzi said.

If you think you have what it takes and you’re interested determining your own destiny by being in business for yourself, but not by yourself – visit Uberrito.com/franchise to learn more.