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The whole is greater than the sum of the flavors.

Spending a good portion of our formative years hanging around kitchens, we picked up a few things.
And not just hot plates. We learned that when it comes to flavor, the whole is greater than the sum of 
the parts. Adding to the palate of herbs, spices and ingredients, we can make a traditional meal—even
if it’s already delicious—a much richer experience.

A few years ago, as fate would have it, we crossed paths with 
an amazing local restaurant that was equally passionate about 
their food. Their burritos had inspired a cult following among
their loyal customers. We wanted to take this concept to the 
next level. We thought to ourselves, “We’re not going to 
change this. We’re going to build on it.”

And that’s just what we did.



At Überrito, we embrace the idea of
variety with a passion.

You can choose from four kinds of tortillas, three kinds of beans, two kinds each of rice, spinach, onions and jalapeños. For proteins, we offer beer-battered cod, grilled shrimp, shredded beef, fajita beef, ground beef, shredded pork carnitas, grilled chicken, and vegan picadillo. We have twenty different toppings ranging from sliced avocado to sautéed spinach.

Yes, we happen to find produce markets VERY EXCITING.

Calculating the sheer number of taste variations requires some pretty complicated mathematics. But the common denominator is always fresh and it’s been part of our philosophy for a long time. As our head chef, Angel Cervantes, puts it, “I always admired my mom’s passion for cooking—and that starts with the ingredients. There is nothing better than going to a produce market in Latin America, selecting just the right, locally sourced vegetables. We always had the freshest tomatoes, onions, and spices available.”

Fresh, exciting ingredients are the building blocks of a
great meal.

At Überrito, this has become the model for all of our kitchens and the magic that happens in them.

Our Values

We are a difference
worth exploring.

Ever notice a three-legged stool never wobbles? That’s because any two given legs will lean on the third for support. Our values—Quality, Variety, and Experience—work together in a similar way. By taking all three to heart, we will have the solid support upon which to build a great company.


Get fresh.

Fresh food is the absolute fundamental, non-negotiable pre-requisite of great food. And in our kitchens, fresh rules unconditionally — no pre-fab, no cans, no cut corners. Proteins are cooked, and tacos and burritos are prepared right in front of the customer. Salsas are made daily from the freshest ingredients. We never settle for less-than-fresh on any thing our customers eat.


Mix it up.

At Überrito, variety is what separates us. We have ten different salsas and twenty different toppings ranging from vegan picadillo to jicama slaw—options you won’t find anywhere else. We even have multiple choices for spinach, onions and jalapeños. Why so much? We encourage our customers to step outside their bean-and-cheese comfort zone and, quite possibly, discover their new favorite thing.


Spread the love.

“Customer service” is what you get from a vending machine. Überrito goes beyond that. The moment a person walks through our front door, they’ll encounter a helpful staff and a clean, family-friendly environment. But more than that, we make them feel special. If they’re having a bad day, it’s our mission to turn it around. They may only be expecting a great meal, but we’ll surprise them with a little more. By the way, all this love and burrito karma isn’t just reserved for customers. As a family, let’s make it a point to treat each other this way, too.

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