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Uberrito vegan bowl Uberrito queso

Open your mind.
Now open your mouth.

Discover a fresh world of unexpected taste combinations.

You’re hungry. Not just for food, but for flavor, variety, and experience. At Überrito, we go above and beyond the basic burrito to fill those voids—to satisfy those existential cravings with creations that are thoughtfully prepared. By yü. For yü.

By combining an abundance of the very best ingredients, at their peak of freshness, Überrito defies the predictable preconceptions of fresh-Mex. Or anything-Mex for that matter. Our only standing rule is that food, even when served fast, should be fundamentally good. Übergood. An experience to remember—and repeat.

Uberrito chips Uberrito salad

Your favorite thing
may be the thing you never tried.

Make today the day you try something nü.

There’s nothing wrong with a classic. And many would agree that our take on the classic burrito is pretty solid. But we’d like you to think of our stand-by as a base camp from which you can step off and explore nü things. Test drive a Tasty Taco. Maybe add some jicama, sautéed spinach, or some shredded pork carnitas. Who knows? This could be the one.

Best part is, the burrito you fell in love with will always be here. It won’t be jealous or worried that it’s been replaced on your personal food chain. Our kitchen is full of fresh ingredients and inspired tastes in near-infinite combinations—and time is wasting. Take a baby step on your flavor journey today.