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Our name
says it all.

Uberrito Food

Just because we perfected the burrito doesn’t mean we had to stop there.

Über is a German word that means “above” or “beyond.” Burrito is a Spanish word that means, well, “burrito.” Überrito stands for who we are and where we go—above and beyond burritos. In this land of fresh ingredients, we defy the predictable preconceptions of beans and tortillas to create bold new flavor inspirations. Cuban to Cajun, Mexican to American—we offer taste combinations you won’t find anywhere else.

Open your mind. Open our menu.

The burrito has not

left the building.

Relax. The burrito you fell in love with hasn’t gone anywhere. We just want to remind you that we have a bold world of unique tastes and combinations. Life is short. Step out.

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Some shrimp end up in dips.

That’s just wrong.

Ours are grilled to perfection—a unique addition to your burrito, taco, or bowl.

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