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Überrito Fresh Mex is a Burrito Franchise Opportunity Built on Tradition

HOUSTON, TX - April 01,2023 - We believe wholeheartedly that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – or in our case, the flavors. Having grown up in family kitchens filled with warm, ,wonderful, homemade foods, it’s no wonder we have opened a burrito franchise. This brings us to reason number one why you should speak fluent burrito with us at Überrito Fresh Mex.

Reason Number One: Überrito Fresh Mex is a Burrito Franchise Opportunity Built on Tradition

We were raised gathering with family and friends around good, wholesome food. We celebrated with specialty dishes, comforted our neighbors with home cooked staples, and gave thanks for every thoughtfully created bite. We learned there is a kind of magic that can be created in a simple, well-stocked kitchen.

Every individual ingredient has a role to play in a great dish. The aroma that rises from a freshly cut, crisp red pepper, or bunch of cilantro, is so vivid you can almost smell it just thinking about it. Its flavor exists by itself, but then comes to life when combined with exactly the right complementary ingredient or texture. This brings us to reason number two.

Reason Number Two: Überrito Fresh Mex Blends Ingredients Together Like Nobody’s Business

The Überrito Fresh Mex chef-driven team believes in the power of bold flavor combinations. At Überrito Fresh Mex burrito franchise, we bring flavors to life. The key to all of it, however, is the quality of the ingredients. When they are fresh, they can’t help but burst in your mouth.

In our restaurants, we take wonderful, traditional favorites, and layer them with exciting herbs, spices, and other ingredients, to create a richer, more satisfying experience. We believe variety truly is the spice of life, which is why our guests have multiple choices of individual ingredients. It’s why a beef burrito can be defined in three different ways. Beef isn’t just beef.

It made sense then, when we came upon the opportunity to purchase a local restaurant known for its delicious burritos, we knew we had to look. We saw an opportunity not to change the food – but build upon it – just like layering the flavors in a dish. Call it a vision, call it a calling, call it whatever you want to call it. We call it an amazing burrito franchise opportunity.

This brings us to reason number three.

Reason Number Three: Traditional Meets Modern

Happening upon that restaurant for sale was the beginning of the Überrito Fresh Mex concept, where we took root as a Fresh Mex brand worth paying attention to. We are:

· Deeply traditional – we take pride in where we come from

· Fully Texan – and that means BIG flavors

· Modern and welcoming – because we want to give today’s consumer an excellent experience

· Ready to have our food shared with friends, family, and community!

All this, plus we are enjoying the benefits of taking our place within the giant Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry. This brings us to reason number four why you should speak fluent burrito with Überrito Fresh Mex.

Reason Number Four: The QSR industry is Booming

The QSR industry is a $331 billion industry growing at more than 5% annually. Fast food and fast casual food are more popular than ever, with 50 million Americans stopping for a quick bite every single day. Leading that charge are the millennials, now the largest consumer group in the U.S. and drivers of consumer behavior. 72% of Millennials eat 2-3 burritos per week.

Millennials have also taught other consumers about the importance of sustainability, quality of ingredients, and that sharing a meal is as much an experience as it is a basic need. Sounds to us like they would have fit right in back home around the family table.

Today, we are happy to offer our distinctively delicious food to more people, in more communities, through our Überrito Fresh Mex franchise program. What better way to duplicate the kitchens from our youth across the country than through a fantastic franchise model? This brings us to reason number five.

Reason Number Five: The Distinctive Überrito Fresh Mex Franchise Opportunity

First, there are two franchise models to choose from, with very different price points: A restaurant, a food truck, or both! That’s actually three different models!

No matter which one you explore, you will learn that any burrito franchise opportunity from Überrito Fresh Mex comes with plenty of reasons to join our franchise family:

· Established brand that people are already excited about!

· Experienced leadership – we know our brand inside and out and can’t wait to share it with you!

· Site location and buildout guidance – We’re going to lead you through the whole process.

· High quality ingredients for exceptional menu offerings people will come back for

· Protected territory in a community that suits you.

· Initial and ongoing training and support because we want you to feel confident every day in your business.

· Marketing guidance to make sure your community knows you are open for business.

· And so much more!

Creating a burrito franchise opportunity in the U.S. that mimics what we knew and loved growing up is a dream come true for us. We are very excited about the food and experiences we can offer to our communities, and equally enthusiastic about the chance to give other business builders a franchise model they can adopt to create the lifestyles they have always wanted for themselves.

If you are passionate about exceptional food for any occasion, are financially qualified, have the business background to learn what we teach, and are ready to speak fluent burrito, we invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about the Überrito Fresh Mex burrito franchise opportunity.

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