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Überrito - Disrupting Fast Casual in 2022!

Überrito plans to open 10-25 franchised stores in 2022 and roughly 15–20 each year afterward. The chain is focused on Sunbelt states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, and also Midwestern markets, such as Illinois and Minnesota.

Pete Pascuzzi, a former franchisee that joined the brand as CEO in 2020, said he understands what it’s like inside and outside the four walls of a restaurant, and he plans to approach development from an operator’s mindset.

“Franchising is a long-term commitment, and you must like the people you work with,” he said. “With that in mind, we made some shifts in our approach to growth. One of the most important changes is the idea that we’re not in the business of just selling franchises. A franchisee must be as good a fit for us as we are for them. While subtle, that adjustment has made a world of difference in our ability to talk with like-minded franchisee candidates that share our passion for scratch-made food and great customer service.”


With off-premises now occupying 66 percent of sales, future store designs will be built around the on-the-go consumer. As opposed to the larger 2,800-square-feet stores that sit 80 to 90 people and have patios, Pascuzzi envisions roughly 2,200 to 2,400 square feet with double drive-thru lanes. The inside lane would be for mobile orders while the other lane would be the traditional drive-thru lane with a menu board.

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