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Not All Mexican Fast-Food Franchise Companies Are the Same

If you’ve thought about getting into the booming Mexican fast-food business, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “Do I want to create a start-up on my own or buy into an established Mexican fast-food franchise model?” Depending on what’s important to you, there are advantages and disadvantages in both restaurant options, so it’s good to understand what those are before making the leap. This article will highlight some differences between startups and franchises and demonstrate what makes Überrito Fresh Mex a solid choice as a Mexican fast food franchise.

Flying Solo: Building a Mexican Fast Food Restaurant Brand On Your Own

Every entrepreneur shares a common desire to own a business and has their imprint on it. Starting your Mexican fast-food restaurant is one way of creating something unique and having complete control over every aspect. You may have some favorite family recipes you want to offer, a particular theme in mind, or a specific way you envision your restaurant operating.

These things, along with many other aspects of opening a new restaurant, come with many unknowns and require considerable research and risk. While you will have complete freedom to operate your restaurant the way you want to, some of the other things you will be completely responsible for are as follows:

  • All of the startup capital and risk, including site selection and buildout
  • Discovering and understanding all local municipal codes and restrictions
  • Securing all necessary licenses and securing contractors for construction
  • Establishing all vendor relationships and supply-chain sourcing
  • Unknowns such as hidden costs, attracting customers, staffing, etc.
  • Researching and developing all marketing efforts
  • Creating an effective and engaging website and social media outlets

In addition, you’ll have to put in countless long hours, figure out everything on your own, and be somewhat at ease because 30% of independent restaurants fail in the first year.

Tried and True: Mexican Fast Food Franchises Built on Successful Models

Starting a Mexican fast-food restaurant doesn’t have to be as scary as doing it alone. Mexican fast food franchises such as Überrito Fresh Mex are built around operational models that have been tried, adjusted, and developed with success in mind.

While there are risks involved with Mexican fast-food franchises, they are lessened by the work already done before you decide to get involved. Some of the primary benefits to Mexican fast food franchises versus independent Mexican fast food restaurants include:

  • A franchise is based on an established, repeatable business model
  • You know, upfront, the capital investment required
  • Much of the guesswork and unknowns are eliminated
  • Franchises have a lower average failure rate (<10%) versus independent startups
  • Franchises are typically profitable sooner than independent startups
  • Most of the groundwork is done before you purchase
  • The FTC regulates franchises

A Mexican Fast Food Franchise Opportunity with Ü in Mind

By now, you should be wondering what sets Überrito Fresh Mex apart from other Mexican fast-food franchises. For starters, we are a people-first business rooted in experiences and traditions from our youth… experiences wrapped around fresh ingredients, time-honored recipes, and the joy of being surrounded by friends and family.

That said, we’ve built a Mexican fast-food franchise model unlike any other, focusing on your success in your community. Überrito Fresh Mex Mexican fast food franchises offer these advantages over many other Mexican fast food franchises:

  • Years of established experience and leadership support
  • Expert assistance with site selection and buildout
  • Multiple revenue streams via brick-and-mortar locations and food trucks
  • A strong, recognizable Mexican fast-food franchise brand
  • Extensive marketing research and implementation to help you grow
  • Initial and ongoing training, including periodic support visits
  • Modern technology tools to help you grow
  • Website and social media development
  • On-site Grand Opening support and assistance
  • Customizable menu choices for every guest

So, What Are Ü Waiting For?

Are you ready to join the family of Überrito Fresh Mex Mexican fast food franchises? Are you ready to build a community-minded, people-first Mexican fast-food franchise where guests can gather in a welcoming environment and experience delicious, quality, authentic foods? Are you ready to excel where other Mexican fast-food franchises fall short?

Your answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes. If that’s Ü, and you’re ready to take your seat at the Überrito Fresh Mex Mexican fast-food franchise table, start by filling out our online form on our website or call us at 832-300-5846.

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