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Step 1

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We want to get to know a little bit about you, your experience and how Überrito figures into your grand design.

Qualification call

Step 2

Qualification call

One of our franchise representatives will reach out to you to discuss the process to own an Überrito Fresh Mex restaurant. During the discussion we will review your financial and operational qualifications, territory of interest, and answer any questions you have about the Überrito Brand.

Complete request for consideration

Step 3

Complete our Request for Consideration

If you are interested in moving forward complete and sign the official Request for Consideration. Once a decision is made on your RFC a representative will reach out to inform you if the application was approved and discuss next steps.

Franchise Doc Review

Step 4

Franchise Disclosure Document review

Upon approval of your Request for Consideration, we will then send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You will need to begin your research of Überrito by reviewing the FDD to better understand the legalities and complexities involved in the purchase of an Überrito franchise. Upon completion of your review a representative will contact you to schedule a FDD review to ensure all your questions have been answered. At this point it would be a good idea to contact some of our franchisees to answer any questions you may have regarding the franchise.


Step 5

Schedule a visit

Upon completion of your FDD review we will then invite you to our corporate offices to meet with our Executive staff, visit our corporate locations and try our amazing food. The most important goal of this Discovery Day is to make sure most if not all your questions are answered. This will also give all involved the opportunity to develop relationships and get to know each other.


Step 6

Approval and Complete Due Diligence

This is the point where the Executive Approval Committee will decide on whether they are confident you would make an excellent franchisee for the brand. The decision must be unanimous. Upon approval we can then begin to discuss the development agreement terms, generation of performa and business plan development.

Execution of agreements

Step 7

Execution of Agreements

Once you’re approved we will forward to you your Development documents for signature. Upon receipt of the signed documents you can begin planning your Überrito Grand Opening as our newest partner. Congratulations!

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